Find out how to sell products on ClubPal.


The ClubPal Products feature allows you to create products and enable an online store for your club, as well as allowing you to make products available for purchase when buying a Membership Package.


Enabling the store will add a Store menu item to your sites navigation, allowing members to browse and purchase available products. When the store is enabled, the Store landing page will list all products that have Show In Store set.


You can add Products to your site that can be made available for purchase either directly from the Store or purchased along with a membership. When editing a product you can set if the product will appear in the store by enabling Show In Store. Products can be purchased as part of their membership by editing a Membership Package and selecting the available products under the Available Products setting.

Below are the properties you can set for a product.


The name of the product.


A description of the product.


The price of the item.

Maximum Order Quantity

If there is a limit on the number that can be purchased, enter it here. Set to 0 for no limit.

Show In Store

Sets if the product will be shown in the Store.

Product Image

You can upload an image of the product which will be used for the store.


If there are different variations of a products e.g. size or colour, enter them here. When purchasing an item a user can select the variation they want.


When a user purchases items from the Store or they purchase products when buying a membership package, an Order will be created. Orders can be viewed at Admin > Products > Orders. You can also choose to email new orders to configured users when they are created. You can set the list of users to email at Admin > Settings > Store.


You can configure the Store settings at Admin > Settings > Store. Below is a description of the available options.

Enable Store

Sets if the store feature is available for users. When Enabled a menu item for the Store will be added and all Products with Show in Store enabled will be listed on the store page.

Email Orders To

Set a list of users to send an order email to. Users listed here will receive an email for each order placed via the Store or when products are ordered when a user purchases membership.

Order Confirmation Message

Sets the message shown to a user once they have completed their order. The message is shown on the order confirmation page.

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