Allow members to pay for a block of sessions


Passes allow a member to purchase access to a session for either a set number of sessions, a fixed duration, or both. You can choose which sessions the Pass is valid for and set the passes to allow as default when creating a new session.

You can allow a member to opt to auto-renew a pass when it expires, similar to their membership. You can also manually assign a Pass to a member the Pass overview page in the Admin area.

Passes support discount codes which can be issues to give a full or partial discount against the cost of the Pass. For more information please refer to the Discount Codes Documentation.

To view a report of who has purchased a Pass visit, Admin > Passes > Passes and select the Pass you want to view from the list. From here you can view who has purchased the pass, how many uses are remaining, when it expires and if it's set to auto-renew. You can also filter the list by active and expired or search by name. This report can be filtered by data and exported to xml or csv.

Creating a Pass

Creating a Pass requires the Manage Passes or System Administrator permission. You can create a Pass in the admin area at Admin > Passes > Add a Pass. See below for a description of each option.


A meaningful name for the Pass.


Additional details about the pass shown on the Pass page on the website. You can provide details about what the Pass gives access to and its validity.

Allow Auto Renew?

Sets if a member can opt to automatically renew their Pass when it expires.


Sets if the Pass will be shown on the Pass page on the website.

Membership Required?

When enabled, a member must have a Membership Status of Active to purchase the Pass.

Pass Validity
Fixed Duration/Fixed Dates

Sets the duration the Pass is valid for.

Fixed Duration: Fixed Duration allows you to set how long the Pass is valid for from the date of purchase. If you don't want to put an expiry date on a Pass, simply set the Valid For setting to 0.

Fixed Dates: Fixed Dates sets the Pass to be valid between the configured dates, regardless of when the Pass is purchased. This can be useful for annual passes where the expire at a set date.

Valid For (Fixed Duration only)

Sets the duration the pass is valid for, from the date of purchase. When set to 0 the Pass will not have an expiry date.

Start/End Date (Fixed Dates only)

Sets dates the Pass will be valid between, regardless of the date the package is purchased.

Number of Sessions

Sets the number of sessions the Pass is valid for. If set to 0 there is no limit.

Payment Details

The amount to charge for the Pass.

Pro Rata Cost? (Fixed Dates only)

When Fixed Dates is selected, you can set the cost to be adjusted on a daily basis based on the number of days left before the Pass expires. You can also set a date to pro rata from and a minimum amount to charge for the Pass.


You can provide terms and conditions of purchase of the Pass. These will need to be accepted before purchase is allowed.

Offering a Free Trial

A great use case for Passes is to use them for a free trial. Many clubs allow prospective members to come along for a set number of sessions before they join. You can create a pass to provide these sessions by create a Free Trial pass, configuring it for the required number of sessions and/or duration, and setting the price to £0. You can then manually assign the Pass to the member after they've registered on your ClubPal site allowing them to book on to sessions.

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