Member Import

Import members into your ClubPal site.


You can import members in to your ClubPal site at Admin > Membership > Import Members. From here select your CSV file containing the members to import. The file must contain header row and be a maximum file size of 10Mb. If your CSV file is larger than this, it's recommended you split it in to smaller files.

Assign Fields

Once you've uploaded your file you'll be taken to the Assign Fields page. Here you will be shown a column of the fields in your CSV file labeled as Field. The second column contains the list of columns available in ClubPal and is labeled Mapped To. The last column contains sample data from the first record in your CSV file.

ClubPal will attempt to map your data for you but you can override the auto mapping to make sure each column is mapped correctly by setting the drop down to the name of the property to set for each item. For any columns you don't want to import, set the drop down to <Ignore>. These settings will be saved and used for any future imports.

Account Page


Before the import runs, you can review your import including an overview of the numbers of records to import and the number of columns to import. You can also optionally set a flag to update existing users.

Warning: If you choose to update existing members, any existing members in the CSV file will have their information replaced with the data from the CSV.

When you're ready to start the migration you can click Start Import. You will be taken to the Import Status page where you can review the progress of the import. As the import is run in the background it might take a few seconds until it starts. It's safe to leave this page at any time and the import will still happen in the background. You will receive a notification in the browser to let you know when this is complete, indicating if there were any errors.

Import History

You can check on the progress on an import and check for any errors on the Admin > Membership > Import History page. This overview will show you the status, number of records in the CSV and how many records succeeded and failed. If there were any errors the first 10 will be show with details of the row and column that encountered an issue. If you wish to correct any errors then you can start a new import with an updated CSV file following the same process.

Available Fields

The table below shows all values that can be imported and the valid values.

Field Type Required Notes
Email string The email address for the member.
FirstName string The members first name.
LastName string The members last name.
DateOfBirth date The date of birth for the member in ISO 8601 format e.g. 1987-02-15T00:00:00Z
Gender enum The gender of the member. Possible values are Male, Female, M, F, NotSet
Address string The first line of the members address.
Address2 string A second line for the address.
City string The members city or town.
State string The state of county for the member.
PostCode string The postal code for the member.
Phone string The home phone number for the member.
Mobile string The mobile phone number for the member.
EmergencyContact string The name of the emergency contact for the member.
EmergencyContactNumber string ` The contact phone number for the emergency contact.
MedicalConditions string And medical conditions or allergies for the the imported member.
MembershipStatus enum The membership status for the member where applicable. Possible values are Guest, Trial, Pending, Active, Lapsed, Expired, Suspended.
MembershipExpires date If the member has a start date for their membership it can be provided in ISO 8601 format e.g. 2020-12-31T00:00:00Z.
MembershipStarts date The ISO 8601 format date that the membership expires e.g. e.g. 2020-01-01T00:00:00Z.
ConsentToContact bool Sets if the member has consented to receiving communications. Can be used to track GDPR compliance.

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