Content Management

How to add your own content pages to ClubPal.


ClubPal has content management tools that allow you to add custom pages to your ClubPal site. This means you can add information about your club, or even host your clubs website on ClubPal. You can also customise the navigation by adding your own pages, changing the order, and creating drop down menus. In addition, you can set pages to only be visible by active members.

Content Pages

By navigating to Admin > Site Content > Pages you can create custom pages. When creating a page, give it a title, a description and set the URL and set if the page is published.

Page Title

The page title is used as the title in the browser address bar, on the page header, and also used by search engines for listing content.

Page Description

The page description adds the meta description tag to the page source for SEO purposes. It is not shown to users.


The page URL is the address of the page on your site e.g. if you enter a page URL of "about", the page will have an address of Page URL's can only contain numbers, letter and dashes.


If the page is not published, it can only be viewed by users with the Manage Content permission. When you are ready to allow the page to be viewed by everyone, you can set the page to Published.

Members Only

When set, only members with a Membership Status set to Active, Lapsed or Trial will be able to view the page.

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