Membership Packages

Find out how to create membership packages


Creating Membership Packages

Membership packages can be created from the admin area at Admin > Membership > Add Package. The table below outlines all of the options and a description about what they mean.


A meaningful name for the package. This will be the name shown in lists.

Maximum Members

This is number of members that can be attached to this package, allowing you to create joint or family packages. Set to 1 for an individual membership.


When a package is disabled it cannot be purchased. This only affects new purchases. Disabling a package does not affect the membership status of members that have already purchased the package.


This setting controls if the package appears on the Membership page on the website. If it is visible it will be shown in the list of available packages. This setting allows you hide certain membership packages e.g. packages that are by invitation only. NOTE: Hiding a package does not place any restrictions on who can purchase the package, only if it's visible.


Provide an overview of what the package is, or any benefits, restrictions or other relevant information. This will be shown on the Membership page when browsing the site.

Fixed Dates / Fixed Duration

Membership packages can be set to be valid between either fixed dates e.g. 1st January until 31st December, or for a fixed duration from the purchase date e.g. 12 months after purchase.

Start Date (Fixed Dates Only)

The start date of the membership period e.g. 1st January.

End Date (Fixed Dates Only)

The end of the membership period e.g. 31st December.

Months Valid (Fixed Duration Only)

The number of months the membership is valid for from the date of purchase. For example, if set to 12 months and the member joins on April 5th, the membership will expire on April 5th of the following year.

Payment Details
Require Code

When enabled, a valid discount code must be provided to enable checkout. The discount code doesn't have to have a discount applied e.g. you could set it to discount 0%. This feature can be used to prevent anybody from purchasing a membership package e.g. an honorary member without a valid code.

Allow Renewal

Sets if a member can their membership. When enabled they can also opt to automatically renew their membership when it expires.

Membership Cost

The cost of the membership package.

Renewal Cost

When Allow Renewal is enabled, you can offer a discounted rate for renewals. When manually or automatically renewing their membership they will be charged this value.

Pro Rata? (Fixed Dates Only)

When enabled members will be charged a pro rated fee depending on how many days are left in the membership period.

NOTE: This option is only available for Fixed Dates packages.

Pro Rated From Date (Fixed Dates Only)

The date after which a pro rated fee will apply. For example, for a package that runs from 1st January to 31st December, you may want to charge the full fee until July 1st and then start to pro rata payments. Before this date the full fee will be charged.

Minimum Cost (Prorated Only)

The minimum charge to apply for this package. The minimum cost is £1.

Protected Amount (Prorated Only)

When calculating the pro rata amount, you can opt to exclude a portion of the amount from the calculation. For example, if the membership payment includes an affiliation fee, you might want to excluded this from the calculation. If you want to include the entire amount in the calculation, set this value to 0.

Available Products

If you have created any products, you can select which products are available for purchase during the checkout process. For example, you might offer a t-shirt to new members, or allow them to pay for affiliation to a governing body.

Terms and Conditions

If provided, members will have to accept the terms and conditions before checking out. These terms are in addition to the site terms that they will also have to accept when joining.

Manually Assigning

In addition to members purchasing membership themselves, you can also assign a membership package to a member. To manually assign a membership package:

  1. There are two ways to launch the Assign to Member dialog.
    • Navigate to Admin > Membership > Packages and then from the Actions menu for the package you want to assign select Assign to Member.
    • When viewing the Membership Package summary page, click the button Assign to Member in the page banner.
  2. Search for the member to assign the package to. Note: The user must already exist on the site. If you want to assign the membership to someone not on the site, first add the member via Admin > Membership > Add Member.
  3. Click Submit and the membership will be activated. The member will receive an email confirmation of their new package.

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