Membership Overview

Learn more about membership with ClubPal.


ClubPal allows you to create flexible membership packages for your members, depending on your needs. You can create as many packages as you need, and even choose which are visible and which are hidden. Visible packages will be shown on the Membership page on your website, whilst hidden ones will not, but can be linked to directly. This can be useful for invitation only membership categories e.g. honorary membership. Payments for membership are all handled securely by the payment processor of your choice. Please note that currently a member can only be assigned to one membership package at a time.

NOTE: You must configure the payment provider before payments for membership can be taken. Please refer to the Payments documentation for more details.

Membership Status

The Membership Status sets the current membership status of each member within the Platform. The Status is used in several areas of the platform to restrict or grant access to some areas or features. Below is a list of the current list of Statuses and their meaning and behaviors.


Guest is the default Status and is used for members that are new to the club and have no special status.


Trial Members can be manually set and are treated the same as Active members for the purposes of granting access/Members Only sessions. It's a useful way to grant access to prospective members and can be used with the Expiry date to automatically expire their Trial status on a set date.


A member who intends to join e.g. you may be processing a manual payment, but does not have Active member access.


An Active member has access to Members Only sections of the site and can book on to Members Only sessions.


An Active member will be automatically moved in to the Lapsed status after their membership has expired for the number of days set in the Grace Period membership setting.


Members will be automatically moved in to the Expired after their membership has expired and the grace period has elapsed.


Members can be manually placed in the Suspended state. It currently has no special meaning in the platform.


Options for Sessions can be set at the Admin > Settings > Membership page.

Enable Membership?

Enable or disable the Membership feature. You can still access the Membership administration while it's disabled, but members will not be able to purchase a membership and automatic renewals will not be processed while it's disabled.

Grace Period

When a membership expires, the members status will be changed to Lapsed for the number of days configured in the Grace Period. When set to 0 or after the number of days set, the member will be then set to Expired.

Renewal Window

The number of days before an existing membership package expires that it can be renewed. Also, when purchasing a fixed dates membership package, if it is purchased inside the renewal window the package will run until the following year.

e.g. if a package is set to start on January 1st until December 31st, and the Renewal Window is set to 28 days, purchasing the package on December 15th will result in the membership running until December 31 of the following year.

Send Expiry Reminders?

When enabled, an email reminder will be sent the configured number or days before the membership expires. This email will not be sent to members whose membership is set to auto renew. Default: 7 days.

Send Renewal Reminders?

When enabled, an email reminder will be sent the configured number or days before the membership automatically renews. Default: 7 days.

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