Custom Domains

User your own domain name on your ClubPal site.


If you'd prefer to use your own domain name with ClubPal e.g. instead of you could use or even, then we can set that up for you for a small fee. Custom domain support costs £25/year and includes the SSL certificates to ensure all traffic on your custom domain is encrypted. If you want to add a custom domain to your site, please get in touch.

Setting up a custom domain involves some manual steps outlined below, but we can also work with you to help set things up. We will configure everything required on the ClubPal side, but someone who manages your domain name will need to perform the tasks below.

DNS Records

To use your own domain you'll need to point your domain name at our servers. You'll need somebody that is able to update your domains DNS records to complete these steps.

  1. To verify the domain identity, create a TXT record asuid.(subdomain) (e.g. asuid.www) with a value of 13C8AF432584A86722B06938BD71783EE72AC067884DCF687E45DDC54D7C2640
  2. Create a CNAME record for the sub domain you want to use that points to
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