Find out about how to grant permissions to your members.


Permissions can be granted to users, giving access to certain functions within the platform. For example, if you grant the Manage Sessions permission to a user, that user is then able to access Admin > Sessions to create and edit sessions. You could also grant the Manage Payments permission to the treasurer or anyone who needs to be able to view payments, connect to a payment provider or issue refunds. The Sytem Administrator permissions grants access to all functions of the platform.

The table below outlines the various permissions and what a user can do when granted that permission.

System Administrator

The System Administrator permission grants access to all features of the platform.

Manage Membership

Users with the Manage Membership permission have access to view, edit and create members, as well as managing membership packages. This permission can also grant permissions to other users, but only a System Administrator can grant the System Administrator permission.

View Members

Users with the View Members permission can list, search for and view member profiles, however, they cannot edit members or manage membership. This can be useful in combination with the Coach Sessions permission to grant access to some or all coaches to member information where appropriate.

Coach Sessions

The Coach Sessions permission gives access to checking athletes in to sessions and viewing members' contact and medical details.

Manage Emails

Manage Emails grants access to the Emails section of the admin area to send and view emails. Note: Coaches can also send emails via the session details page.

Manage Sessions

Users with the Manage Sessions permission can access the Sessions section to create and edit sessions.

Manage Payments

Manage Payments gives access to the payments area allowing access to view payments received and can issue refunds.

Manage Passes

Users with the Manage Passes permission are able to view, create and edit passes and view pass purchases.

Manage Content

Manage Content allows users to create content pages and update the site navigation.

Manage Store

The Manage Store permissions grants access to create products and view orders placed in the store.

Granting Permissions

To grant permissions to a user, they must have an account on the site. When viewing a members profile you will see a tab for Account. You can also access this page directly from Admin > Membership > Members by clicking the ... for a member with the shield icon.

Account Page

You can find users with a particular permission on the Admin > Membership > Members page by using the Permissions filter. Select a permission and any users with that permission will be shown.

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