Custom Profile Fields

Collect additional data from your members.


Custom profile fields allow you to collect or add additional information on your members. For example, you might want members to be able to provide any affiliation numbers of their 1st/2nd claim status.

Custom profile fields can either be private for administrators only, shown to members but readonly, or fully editable. Profile fields are included in the member exports. Profile fields have several options outlined below:


The label used for the input on forms.


When the inout is displayed on a form, the description will be used to provide a hint to the user for the field.


Sets the visibility on the members profile page. Note: This setting is not used on the Registration or Membership form. Below is a description of each of the values.


The field will not be shown to the member on their profile page. However, you can still view the field from the Membership management pages in the Admin area.

Read Only

The field will included on the members profile page but will not be editable.


The field will included on the members profile page and they can update the value.

Show on Registration Form?

When enabled the input will be included on the registration and membership sign up form so the user can enter a value.


When enabled a value must be entered or selected to submit the form.

Field Type

Sets the type of input to display. When set to Text a simple text box will be shown. When set to Dropdown a list of items can bet set to select from.

Options (Dropdown field type only)

When the Field Type is set to Dropdown this option allows you to set the values to show in the list.

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