Release Notes

Notable updates to the ClubPal platform.

v2.2.62.1203 - 16 March 2022

  • New Added new notification type for "Order Placed" and other updates to make notifications works consistently. New Updates to Membership Package export to expand the data included in the report. New Added new Cancel Session page allowing more control over refunds and emails. Fixed Removed Deleted Member from participation statistics. Fixed Fixed issue with checking in a coach changing the booking type. Fixed Fixed bug causing cloned emails with attachments failing to send.

v2.2.49.2102 - 01 Feb 2022

  • New Added Orders tab to member profile. New Added Membership Status field to the Bookings export. New Added ability to enable/disable emails for a member account. New When sending Newsletters/Communications, the message will only be sent once per email address. Fixed Fixed issue with calcuating pro rata fee in certain conditions. Fixed Fixed issue where deleting a member with multiple profiles could leave orphaned profiles. Fixed Fixed bug where membership grace period wouldn't respect last day of configured period. Fixed Various QoL improvements. Other The Invoice feature has now been retired.

v2.1.738.1130 - 24 Sep 2021

  • New Added customisable registration and booking forms.

v2.1.726.1618 - 10 Aug 2021

  • Fixed Booking window message now hidden on sesison details page when booking isn't required.

v2.1.726.1617 - 06 Aug 2021

  • New You can now update the session running cost on a session by session basis for more accurate reporting.
  • Fixed You can now cancel your booking after the booking window has closed as long as the cancellation window is still open.

v2.1.723.1036 - 20 July 2021

  • New Added ability to bulk assign groups to multiple members at a time.
  • New Enhanced the session leader permissions to assign more rights.
  • New Added ability to send membership invite reminders.
  • Fixed Fixed issue with email attachments containing spaces.

v2.1.715.1550 - 30 June 2021

  • New Added option to exclude a session from reporting.
  • New Updated the session reporting overview with more charts and data export.
  • New Added ability to report by category as well as by session.
  • Fixed Fixed issue with pass validity for annual passes with fixed dates.

v2.1.600.1956 - 18 Apr 2021

  • New Added a new View Members permission which grants a user the ability to list and view a members profile data.
  • New Added the ability to set the time of day a sessions booking window opens.
  • New Added the ability to clone a Draft email from the Compose Email page.
  • New Content Pages can now be deleted.
  • New When checking members in to a session, Coach bookings will also be shown to track coach attendance.
  • Fixed Links in a session description now open in a new tab.

v2.1.563.756 - 05 Apr 2021

  • New Added the ability to add your own Member groups e.g. you can create a group for coaches or run leaders. Learn more.
  • New Added the ability to enable a Contact Form and allow people to send messages to your club. Learn more.
  • Fixed When creating or editing a session, the Category field now allows you to select from previously used Categories.

v2.1.554.935 - 31 Mar 2021

  • New Added custom profile fields. You can now add your own profile fields and allow members to enter information when registering or updating their profile. Learn more.
  • New Added option to exclude a portion of the value from the pro rata calculation for membership packages.
  • Fixed Improved password validation on registration form. You now get immediate feedback if the password doesn't meet complexity requirements.

v2.1.533.1449 - 17 Mar 2021

  • New Added ability to schedule the sending of an email.
  • Preview We've added support for managing multiple member profiles from one login. This allows a parent to manage their own account and/or anyone else in their family. Please contact us if you'd like this enabled for your club while we are in preview.
  • Fixed Added application and processor fees to the Payments export. You can now get a full breakdown of the fees paid on a transaction.

v2.1.528.1121 - 10 Mar 2021

  • New Added ability to make content page visible to Members Only. When set, only members with an active membership will be able to view the page.

v2.1.520.1027 - 25 Feb 2021

  • New Added ability for members to add a note when booking. New icon added to bookings and Check In list to show bookings with a note.
  • Fixed Fixed issue when adding a new product to the store.

v2.1.486.1344 - 08 Feb 2021

  • New Updated the member list and session bookings with user profile photos.
  • New iCal support added so you can now create a calendar subscription for your upcoming bookings from the Bookings page on your profile.

v2.1.478.2231 - 03 Feb 2021

  • New Added the ability to add a Store to you site. Learn more.
  • New We've completely overhauled the security and removed roles and replaced them with Permissions. You can now set permissions based on a users role in the club. Learn more.
  • Fixed Improvements to the Session Check In page based on user feedback. We've also increased the page size to show all bookings by default.
  • Fixed Fixed issue with manually paying invoices.

v2.1.471.2139 - 29 Jan 2021

  • New Added a 'New' label to highlight recently added sessions. Configure how long sessions are classed as 'New' at Admin > Settings > Sessions > Days To Label As New.
  • New Added a 'Recently Added' filter to the homepage Sessions list to make it easier to find new sessions.
  • New Added a list of all bookings to the member profile page.
  • Fixed Attendance Improvements: Changes to how no-shows are tracked. They're now only triggered on sessions after first member is checked in.
  • Fixed Attendance Improvements: No-shows are shown on dashboards immediately after sessions has ended instead of the next day.
  • Fixed Resolved an encoding issue when sending Session emails with an ampersand in them.

v2.1.458.1442 - 25 Jan 2021

  • New Added the option to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your site. You can set this at Admin > Settings > General > Google Analytics Tracking Code

v2.1.457.1635 - 24 Jan 2021

  • New Added custom content pages so you can now host your clubs website on ClubPal. Read more
  • New Added ability to copy a session. Save time when creating multiple sessions with similar attributes.
  • New You can now manually assign a member to a membership package.
  • New Added new Bookings page under Sessions allowing you to view, filter and export all session bookings.
  • Fixed Resolved issues with updating session capacity for instance of recurring session.

v2.0.420.1740 - 14 Jan 2021

  • New Where enabled, the session bookings only only display to users that are logged in.
  • New Added a new Passes dashboard with a list of all passes purchased and a chart over sales over time.
  • New Quality of life updates to admin Dashboards.

v2.0.414.1512 - 11 Jan 2021

  • New Added new advanced editor for Newsletters support for adding images, attachments and more formatting tools.
  • New Added 'Opened' tracking to see who has opened emails sent.
  • New You can now set the Reply-To address for emails sent by ClubPal.
  • New Various other improvements to emails such as cloning existing emails, previewing before sending.
  • New Administrators can now manually add a coach to a session.
  • Fixed Removed Post Code from payment form to work around Stripe issue detecting card country.
  • Fixed Improved handling of Stripe connection process.

v2.0.393.1312 - 2 Jan 2021

  • New You can now email all members in the current filter from the page Admin > Membership > Members. Read more
  • New Emails now support attachments.
  • Fixed Performance improvements.
  • Fixed Several UI updates to the admin area.
  • Fixed Invoices now only generate for Confirmed bookings.
  • Fixed 404 page now correctly shown on all pages.
  • Fixed Resolved issue on calculating pass and package validity when start/end date spans years.

v2.0.384.2320 - 30 Dec 2020

  • New Added new Dashboards to admin area.
  • New Added ability to manually assign membership package to member.
  • Fixed Various quality of life improvements.

v1.0.7654.1712 - 15 Dec 2020

  • Fixed Incorrect expiry date was being set for non-renewable membership packages when inside renewal window.

v1.0.7652.1529 - 13 Dec 2020

  • Fixed Increased sessions listing page size to allow more than 10 sessions in a week.Increased sessions listing page size to allow more than 10 sessions in a week.
  • Fixed Applied sorting of sessions in list to date then name.Applied sorting of sessions in list to date then name.
  • Fixed Passes and membership packages now show on front end when set to visible but disabled. Previously disabled items were hidden even when set to visible.Passes and membership packages now show on front end when set to visible but disabled. Previously disabled items were hidden even when set to visible.

v1.0.7645.1354 - 06 Dec 2020

  • New Invoices can now be manually set at Paid or Uncollectible.Invoices can now be manually set at Paid or Uncollectible.
  • New Session can now be set to Members Only. Only members with MembershipStatus of Active, Trial or Lapsed can book on these sessions.Session can now be set to Members Only. Only members with MembershipStatus of Active, Trial or Lapsed can book on these sessions.
  • New Members can now optionally save payments cards for faster checkout.Members can now optionally save payments cards for faster checkout.
  • Fixed Improved documentation for Discount page to make it clearer.

v1.0.7639.0932 - 30 Nov 2020

  • New Bundles have been renamed to Passes to better reflect how they work.Bundles have been renamed to Passes to better reflect how they work.
  • New Added Pro Rata pricing option for Passes and Membership.Added Pro Rata pricing option for Passes and Membership.
  • Fixed Various UI updates and fixes.Various UI updates and fixes.
  • Fixed Performance improvements.Performance improvements.
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